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November 24, 2005 - Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Well after spending 2 days in the hospital, I am very thankful to be home with my family - although I am not at MY home in Elko. Every since Monday, when my doctor told me the bad news. I have been freaked out, totally upset that the expander had to be removed. My husband tried his best to cheer me up by buying me a new digital camera, We went to Best Buy to look at camera, and decided on the Sony Sure Shot DSC-HI. The camera is awesome, but since I had to check into the hospital the next day I hardly had a chance to play with it. I spent most of Tuesday in pain. By Wednesday, I finally started feeling better, but was still really bummed about being in the hospital and having to start over again. Ruben & Natalie stopped by to see me. They brought me flowers and two little stuffed animals, one is an adorable Russ brand Pink Hippo that matches the Spotted Dog Ruben bought me last surgery - they both have BIG eyes. The other is this little teddy bear Natalie picked out for me. It was great to see them, but after a short period of time she became antsie and it was evident it was time for Ruben to take her home. Later that night is when I got a surprise visit from my favorite Blogger (I am a Coconut)Cynthia! She is a nurse in the peds units and stopped by to meet me once her shift started. As a Get Well Soon gift, she brought me a HUGE bag of awesome and wonderful if just meeting my scrap idol wasn't enough. We talked for quite a while, and she even invited me to come scrap in her room next time I am down and feeling up to it. I just know she can teach me so much. I called my husband later and told him about her visit and he said it was the most spirited I had sounded in days. Not to say I didn't enjoy my visit with my family, but meeting Cynthia made my day....and the handmade card and supplies just made it even better. If she hand't hugged me I woulda thought it was some kind of Morphine induced dream. I truly hope what she gave me was just things she purged from her supplies as she has said before that she is overrun with items, because I can't imagine a virtual stranger spending that much on little ol' me. But regardless of the bad of goodies, just talking with her made my day and made me feel so much better. I can't wait till she gets pregnant so I can send her a care package filled with the same love. Hell I can't wait just to get home and start on that 8x8 SEI Aunt Gertie's Album kit she gave me. It is BEAUTIFUL. Browns and pinks are so in right now and will be adorable for a little girt! I just love it! I spent the night sleeping in a scrapbooking heaven, and was released today from the hospital just in time to spend thanksgiving with my family. I truly hope everyone else enjoyed their thanksgiving. Through-out this post are some pictures taken with my new digicam, and below are things from my bag of goodies from Cynthia. Thanks so much!!!!


Valerie said...

Wow what a great care package!

Glad you're feeling a little better. Hope things improve immensly over the next little while.

Cynthia said...

Hi, Angi! So glad you are enjoying your stuff! You are the sweetest and I am so glad I made it up there to visit! Hope that all goes well from now on with your surgeries and I hope that you never lose your spirit! Hurry up and get better cuz we got some scrappin to do! :)

jeff said...

Trust me when I say that Cynthia was very happy to meet you too. She called and told me all about it. Also, thank you very much for taking interest in MY blog as well.