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Down on The Farm

On Friday 5/19 - my Daughter's kindergarten class, along with the other teacher's kindergarten class went on a little field trip and lucky me, I got to go along for the ride! Yeah! We took a bus out to Mrs. Johnson's Farm and watched as she sheared one of her many sheep. The kids got to feel what the unprocessed wool felt like (we even got to keep a piece for our scrap page!) and then they pet the newly sheared sheep to feel the skin. Something about the oils in the skin produce lanolin to keep hands smooth and soft. We then went out back were she had a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Steer. As I learned, a Steer and a Bull are two different things. Bulls are male cows that procreate. Steers are male cows that do not procreate, there main use is for the meat we eat. Ummmm, think of all those tender cuts of steak! I can't remember the exact number, but her steer was near 2,000 lbs. I do believe. The kids also got to pet the steer, who was pretty nice for a cow that size, and they were educated quite well on these animals. Unfortunately though, she did not have any horse, which we had hoped for. Afterwards the kids washed their hands and were treated with Otter-Pops. They played for a while, then it was back to school just in time to grab there backpacks and make the bus.

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