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After last night, boy am I glad I didn't give up hope

I knew something big would be in store for the Grey finale. I have waited all season for Meredith & McDreamy Dr. Shephard to get back together or share one last kiss, and last night it happened and a whole lot more! Now I have to wait all damn summer just to find out what's going to happen next with this love triangle between Meredith, Finn the Vet and Derek. Will Derek finally leave his wife like he should have in the beginning? After all, she did cheat on him first,and although he's trying to make it work, he knows he doesn't love her. But I guess until August when the new season starts, I will just have to watch season 1 over and over again as I have it on DVD.....and in the first episode it shows McDreamy's naked butt!

On the other hand, I told my hubby what my ultimate vacation would be. You see, I am a major gossip junkie. I buy Star, In Touch, US, Celeb name it I buy them. I told him my ultimate fantasy vacation would be to go star gazing. I wanna go shop at Kitson's, I wanna see where they live. I even told him I want to meet Nick Lachey, to which he laughed cause he said I would probably throw myself at him. I told him that would do no good, he wouldn't be interested in me. And I told him about that last post about him, I was going to put in there that I would give my left breast to have one night with him.....but then that would mean, that he (Nick Lachey) would have a bigger chest than me! LOL. But I told Ruben instead how I may take Nick in a heartbeat, that I wouldn't give him up for the world, and that seemed to make him happy once again. But I don't know, this is really beginning to be a tie for 1st between Dr. McDreamy Patrick Dempsey and Nick Lachey. Oh why can't I be one of the beautiful people, that's rich and gets everything her heart desires. Maybe I need to write a sob story to Dr. 90210! Get a nip, a tuck, a lift, some suction, some Baywatch implants, some dental veneers, a tat or two removed. Then ask MTV to Pimp my Ride - although there's not a damn thing wrong with my '04 Durango, but I would love a custom paint job, chrome wheels, and maybe a few more TV monitors. Then I guess to top it off, since I just recently for the 3rd time accidentally nearly shaved my head again - right when it had finally grown out to a length I could blow dry and somewhat straighten again - get some really long straight hair extensions! I really am blonde (despite the red tint I dyed my hair) for accidentally whacking it off again. Keep those damn hair clippers away from me! But even still with all that, it wouldn't change who I am on the inside, or the fact that everyday I'd be coming home to my one and only true love, Ruben.

But a girl can dream, can't she?

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