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The beginning of a new week

Well it looks like Spring has finally arrived to Spring Creek (YAY!!!!), the weather is a li'l bit warmer and FINALLY we haven't had any snow at all in almost a week! Sometime this week I should be getting back Natalie's Spring School pictures and Graduation pictures. She graduates Kindergarten on the 2nd (WAHOO!!!). I can't wait because they have this whole little ceremony with caps, gowns and a whole presentation planned. Yes, I will be armed with camera in hand - both digital and film, while Ruben shoots video on the camcorder.
Last week Ruben was in Reno for part of the week for some kind of Latino Management Class series that go on for 6 months. It sucks, but I guess it's a great honor for him to be nominated to attend since it's an event held outside of work through another company. But while he was gone I was sick the whole time - fun, fun! It seemed like I had some type of infection pouring out of every ounce of my body. I had an eye infection, I was running a fever while sweating the whole time, I couldn't eat, I was sick to my stomach, I have had a really bad bladder infection that I have to call the doctor about today. Because I am in some desperate need of antibiotics in the worst possible way. You know it's real bad when it hurts to pee, then to top it off you have either blood in your urine or blood clots. Because you know that no matter what, something is definitely wrong then! Hell, even my acne from stress was oozing this yellow discharge, jus like my eye did. And the bloodthing - well let me just say it's a REAL freaky thing to see even the slightest bit of blood coming from that area when you've had a complete hysterectomy last year. I just pray it's nothing major! God knows I do not need anymore major health problems, especially when next month after Nat's graduation we will be going back to Vegas for me to undergo reconstruction again - if it takes this time, I hope! Otherwise, if the plastic surgeon says it's too soon still we plan on going to Disney for a few days as a surprise for her summer vacation.
We just got back our tax return - and even though we had to buy a new refrigerator cause ours crapped out on us (it was leaking water), and that we also bought a Norditrack Elliptical machine (to get us in shape and get all sexy looking again!), and a new HP scanner, we still set back more than enough money needed to go to Disneyland and the California theme park for more than a few days. It wasn't like I needed a new scanner, my Epson one was fine, the only difference was that the Epson only scans up to 11.7" long and the HP scans up to 12.3". I was tired of scanning LO's and stitching them together with Panorama Maker, only to find the top or bottom had been cut off. While I was at it, I almost bought a new wide format printer, but I just could not find one that I liked enough to justify buying - or at least not at this time. I guess first I really need to scrap some and use some of the new goodies I've already bought - that is if I ever get around to unpacking and organizing my new scrap room. I can't put it off for too long because I'm going to want to take some of it to Vegas with me to keep me occupied while I'm down there for the next 3 months....and of course to take with me to Cynthia's to use when I invite (LOL!) myself over to her scrap palace - hope you don't mind Jeff! Actually I'm just kidding, I would never be so rude as to just invite myself over, I may hint at it (HINT, HINT, HINT - LOL), but I would never just show up there as I know his kids will be visiting for the summer, and them getting to spend quality time together is more important than me scrapping with my Idol.
Well it's just about time to get Natalie ready for school. I hope that Josh (Sonia's husband) had a great birthday this past weekend, and that this turns out to be a great week for everybody!
Till next time, keep on scrappin'!

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