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Chaos all over!

After months of procrastination, I woke up Saturday morning to find out that my Husband packed up my scrap room, had thrown everything out, and had started tearing everything apart in order to finally build my custom desk and shelves. We had scrap supplies busting at the seams in every upstairs room of our house. They crowded our bed, our daughter's room, and even her bathroom and tub. In the middle of it all, we had to go out and get more supplies just to get it done, and we barely made it to bed prior to 1am! Just so we could go to sleep, everything was just kinda shoved back in there for me to unpack and organize over the next week or so. It is a major mess, and looking at it makes me think, my god, where did all of this stuff come from? I serious have to purge my supplies that I'm not going to use, because just like my grandpa, I have turned into one huge pack rat! Since you're probably sitting there thinking that I can't possibly have THAT much stuff, take a look at some of these pictures:

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Jeff(Cynthia's Husband) said...

WOW! Those shelves look very familiar...;) Looking good. It IS nice when everything can be organized into one room. Thank you for your kind words about my beautiful wife.

Cynthia said...

Angi, your space is lookin good! I think I need to come over YOUR house instead! Hee hee! I think you definitely have more supplies than me, my friend! :)