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Good News, Bad News - The Story of my Life!

Last weekend I got an email from my dad saying that my mom has FINALLY gotten in to see the GI Specialist, but instead of talking Liver Cirrhosis, this doctor seems to think my mom is in liver failure. After reading some of the signs/symptoms, I could see how my mom's been leading towards this with her diabetes and other problems - not to mention the amount of meds she takes daily. So that's the bad new. After reading the email, I called her up on my way to SLC to go to my favoritie scrap store All My Memories. I told her to let her doctor know my medical history.....with the breast cancer, and having my gallbladder removed. As far as we know, my cancer has never spread beyond that lump of breast tissue, but I wanted to let her know that even though she is O- and I am O+, both Ruben and I am willing to go through the donor match program to see if either of is would be a candidate. They have some more tests to do on her first - biopsies, etc. So we'll find out eventually.
So on now to the good news, the GREAT news! I got a call Wednesday just as Natalie and I were finishing up getting ready to leave for school. A woman from the Social Security Appeals Office had called and asked if I had receved anything from their office, to which I hadn't. She went on to say that my pending appeal had been approved, and they just needed to get some additional information. She went on to tell me how much a month I would be getting, as well as how much a month Natalie would be getting up untill her 18th birthday. It's great to finally have won one battle with these people. She saidI should be getting a deposit within the next 2-3 weeks, but when I called that day to check my account HALF of my backpay was already there, and the other half was deposited the next day! WOOHOO. I feel rich like, LOL! All I know is now I can buy scrap stuff and not worry so much about it. Natalie has a college/wedding fund set up. Now we also have extra money for savings for all those home improvements we want done. It almost feels like Christmas! Matter of fact, I'm already making all my "wish" lists of things I'd like to have, just wish those darn QuicKutz weren't so damn expensive!
Anyway, I hope everyone else is feeling a little better. It's almost time for me to go pick up my honey, seems like forever since I've last seen him, as all he's been doing this month is traveling! Oh, and last week it wasn't to Montana, it was to Wyoming. This whole week he's been in Seattle. I think he'll be spending the next few weeks at home, I hope!

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