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As Spring Break draws to an end....

It's back to school on Monday (thank God!). But during this week away, I feel as though I barely accomplished anything. I made a few cards, and I'm working on a swap that I need to mail out tomorrow. Yes I know, I'm a procrastinator, it's just there's been so much going on in my life, most days it's impossible for me to get up before noon. I don't know, maybe it's because I just haven't adjusted yet to the new meds they switched me to, or maybe I'm still trying to make up for staying up till 4 am for those 4 days the week before last. I don't know. All I know is today for once I am happy, happy that my husband made it home safe last night - safe and soundly from his trip to Montana that he drove to and from. And unfortunately it snowed during his trip and he drove through the Rocky Mountains both ways. I'm also happy that after nearly 4 days we finally have TV again because after snowing here too, I somehow knocked the Dish Network receiver out of place, but luckily, my husband fixed it better than ever and I have TV just in time to watch The Sopranos, Big Love, & Grey's Anatomy on Sunday. I paniced at the thought of missing those shows, especially now that Tony just woke up from his coma, and I am still holding out for Dr. McDreamy to leave his cheating wife and go back to Meredith Grey. Big Love has me intrigued as you never know, living up here, 3 1/2 hours away from Salt Lake, I could be surrounded my Mormoms/Polygamists and I'm curious by their lifestyle - not that I would EVER join, just curious, besides, it is a funny show. C'mon you can admit it, a man with 3 wives is funny. I'd feel sorry if my husband had 3 of me. He'd probably shoot himself and me for that matter! But I'm so glad to have my TV and DVR back, cause yes, I am a TV junkie! As it is I have already missed so many shows, I can forget about this season of AI cause I'll never catch up now! But I miss Medium, Las Vegas, ans CSI!!!! So for the last few days I spent my time re-watching the 1st season of Grey's Anatomy on DVD. Dr. McDreamy is so hot! It's funny, I never saw the first episode of that show and you see his naked butt, even hotter. I never thought Patrick Dempsey and the word hot would be coming out of my mouth, but it is. He has done a lot of growing and maturing since his WooWoo Kid days, and Can't Buy Me Love. He is definately something sexy to look at now and not some awkard looking kid! I definately suggest you all watch, at least once and see for yourself if your not hooked. It's like ER meets Sex in the City. It comes on ABC. Up here we are on Utah time so we get it an hour earlier than the reast of you, but check your listings. I even managed to get my hubby addicted to it.
Anyway, I've got another card to make and this swap to finish, but below is the card I finished the other day using my Quickutz die cutter and ribbon by MM Cosmo Pink/Brown and some MM Pink Staples. the pattered paper is made by PC. Inside in pink carstock in skinnimini Katie font in upper and lower case it reads: You're so Sweet!

Till next time enjoy and be good!

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