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Chaos, a baby, and a tooth on the loose?

Well I'm back for a brief while. There is still major chaos going on in my life that I am trying to deal with.
My husband is in Reno for the week, and just found out that he cannot make it to my various doctor appointments next month, so it looks as though even though I have never driven alone to Vegas, I will be on the 9th with my daughter and dog.
Also, it seems no two doctor's can agree on my Mom's current condition....1 says Cancer, another says Liver Cirrhosis. First it was Colon Cancer, then Ovarian Cancer (mind you my mom hasn't had ovaries in 30 years or more), and now they say the fluid in her abdomen is from her liver. She's been at UMC all week and they have already done 2 surgeries on her and plan for probably 2 more. Good thing the insurance is paying for it, because not only can these doctor's not agree, but they love to bilk the insurance company - doing each procedure seperately and deeming it necessary.
But on a positive note, I'm a brand new Auntie to Matthew Makanaokalani - yes he is half Hawaiian, and half Haole. He was a long time in the making, and we are very glad he is finally here after all those years.
Also, my daughter Natalie, who I last posted as having two loose teeth, has finally lost one and expects a visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight. The tooth had been very loose for a while and we had tried everything short of traumatizing the poor kid.....daily apples, wiggling it with her finger, playing with it with her tongue - and nothing helped it to come out naturally. So following a friend's advice who works in a dental office, she told me to give her some advil, put lots of baby oragel on it, wait 5 minutes and yank it out with a wash cloth if I couldn't grasp it with my fingers. Well I tried that a few times, and still couldn't grip it, so I was forced to pull out the ol' spool of thread. She was nervous, and I could hardly get the thread notted around the tooth. Todat woulda been a good day to be a boy scout and know how to do slipknots! I finally got it around her little tooth, when she began to panic. I calmed her down, used the wash cloth to wipe the tears away and waited about 10 seconds till she was calm and yanked as hard as I could. She bled a little, but was so excited she begged me to pull her other tooth, but it's not nearly loose enough. Here are some pictures of her brand new toothless grin and the bag I bought for the Tooth Fairy. Till next time, enjoy!

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