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March 8, 2006 - Back to Vegas......again (REVISED)

I have learned that I should not make posts late at night when I am tired and cannot think. I tend to leave things out, and since my fingers are too big for the keyboard on my laptop - I often mis-spell things. So for started, let me just say that if memory serves corectly, March 8 is the birthday of an old friend of mine, and I meant to do a happy birthday shout out to Bryan, who I hardly get to talk to anymore, but I hope is doing well! Secondly, let me go through the post below and correct all the errors I made and fill in the info I forgot........

Well as it stands, I am leaving tomorrow after Natalie gets out of school to head to Vegas for a short trip. I have doctor appointments on Friday and Monday....yay (not!) Sometimes I really hate these trips because there is so much running around packed into just a few days. Friday alone I have 3 dr. appointments, Saturday I take my dog in for grooming, not sure what Sunday holds, but I need to see my Mom while I am there, then Monday I have another dr. appointment before we hit the road and come home. Originally I was going to have to go this trip alone - well with my daughter and dog too of course. Ruben had a class, but managed to get out of it, thank god, cause I just don't know if I could make the 7 hour drive by myself. I hate mountains, I hate snow, and worse yet - I hate driving in them - even though I have studded snow tires! But Ruben got out of the class, with a catch. I intended on driving back on Tuesday cause anyone who lives up this way knows that you do not drive around here at night....there are lots of deer and elk, and driving can be totally unsafe. But his boss is coming here on Tuesday, so we have to frive home Monday night regardless, which totally sucks.....a 7 hour drive after all that Vegas traffic and my doctor appointment means we won't get home till around midnight. Anyway I couldn't make the trip on my own as I usually end up sleeping most of the way. I do this to not stress over Ruben's fast driving or passing, and aside from that, I wouldn't even really know how to get there or back. I know, we've been to Vegas a million times, but still, when your eyes are shut you can't tell which way you are going! Also I know it seems like I am always going to the doctor, and trust me, it's not JUST that it seems like I am, but I am!
We have so much remodeling to around here to do, but never have the time to do any of it! I've been trying for a few months to get estimates so we can get carpet and tile installed, but first I have to pack up my scrap room so Ruben can remodel it (I want it to look more like Cynthia's and be more organized!). I also want so badly to do something with the yard. We need major curb apeal, but being winter, snow or not, it's hard to find someone to clear the brush off my 3 acres of land and pour a concrete circular drive. It also doesn't help that Ruben gets so busy with work, some days I am half temped to get the trimmer out myself and cut the bushes along our house - which are fairly over grown! But me and powertools do not get along well, or at least that type. And yes, we do still have the majority of our Christmas decorations up, as I'm not about to climb on the roof, at this point we might as well just leave them up till December! Oh, and what's even worse is that Ruben with all his Ebay ventures and working at home after work he hasn't found the time to do much either.......ugh! Hell we still have bathrooms and closets to finish painting and some spot work to do as well. Let me just say, although I have only helped a tiny bit, but PAINTING SUCKS!
I don't have much info yet on my mom to update. It sounds all very confusing. They say she doesn't have cancer, yet she is supposed to see an oncologist. That there makes no freaken sense to me. And what ever fluid has built up in her stomach is now leaking, thanks to massive surgeries from UMC - they did like 4 surgeries on her in one week! No one can tell them anything about what's going on, let alone answer my dad's questions. What surprises me the most is that my mom has remained so docile about this even though the nurses nearly killed her by ODing her on Morphine. That's NOT my mom at all, if she's not happy, no one is! Trust me, my mom is the Queen of Bitches - when she wants to be. I'm really surprised that she hasn't ripped someone a new asshole by now. It must be all the meds they are pumping into her, cause really, anyone who knows my mom is afraid to eat with her because she will complain about the slightest thing being wrong with her food, then we all have to wonder if the chef spit in all our food. But I really can't say too much on the subject, afterall I am JUST like her....just look at my medicine drawer and if that's not enough proof for you ......ask my hubby. He'll tell you that I am every bit as picky, pushy and controlling as my mom. What can I say, I know it's true - everybit of it, but I did learn it all from the best (does that make me the princess of bitches?).....and I'm certainly no push-over. I'm very opionated, strong willed, I have to have my way - always, and up untill childbirth, I was very much a cold hearted bitch - emotionally stable and solid as a I cry when I stress, I cry when I watch certain movies, sometimes I cry for no apparent reason. This confuses me because I have no hormones, especially not estrogren! Motherhood has killed off the cold hearted bitch that I was and made me sappy, but I'm still not a push-over. But hopefully these dumb ass doctors will get their shit together soon, and she can be released without having to return to the ER again within a few hours.
I'm so glad (and LUCKY too!) to have some of the best if not really great doctors taking care of me, but then again, I won't tolerate any shit.
I sure hope Vegas is warm and sunny, we could definately use some warmth and sunshine!

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Shannon said...

Hey Ang!
Hate to say it, but its supposed to be really cold here this weekend...mid 40's. But hope you enjoy snow at least!
Wanted to stop by to say hello. I havent been around much and I apologize.
Take care and let me know if you need anything while you are in town this weekend!