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Just realized that I haven't really posted since coming bck from Vegas

Friday the 10th, almost as bad as Friday the 13th in my first dr. appointment of the day did not start the day off right. There were numerous problems there, and a lot of lies coming out of the office managers mouth. But once they actually spoke with the dr., it was all straighten out and both had apologized. Luckily my other 2 doctor appoinments for the day went well. But man was it great to get my back snapped and to get my trigger point shots!
Satuday I got up a little early to take my dog to her 10 am appointment at the groomer's. For once I thought I would do some thing really nice for my husband, since at home he's always the one to take my Durango in for whatever it needs. So I took his Ram over to Terrible's and changed his oil, since it was almost due. Then I bought him the best wash & polish to go with it. His truck was absolutely covered in mud, and I honestly can't remember the last time I've seen it totally clean inside and out. While they washed and waxed, I sat and played Bonus Poker. I ended up cashing out and winning $80. So basically, after the oil change and the wash, I broke even. Now that we are back home the Ram is once again just as dirty as ever!
After finishing up Saturday with the groomer's and errands, we went to see my mom at UMC. She didn't look as bad as I thought she would, that was until I saw her drain. I would estimate that it was a circle in her stomach of about 5" diameter and what appeared like a catheter bag that drained and collected the fluid that was accumulating in her stomach from her liver. It was a harsh site. I expected it to be more like the ball bulbs I had when I had my many breast surgeries, but this was a much different site. (Since then they have finally released her, although she is still leaking, and she is staying at a friend's house in Vegas, while we wait for the doctor's to come up with a permenent solution - as the problem is not going to fix itself.)
Monday, I followed-up with my last doctor apointment, then we hit the road for home. Once again, he changed my meds. How am I ever going to start feeling like myself when they keep changing my meds on me? So anyway, we got home late Monday night, as Ruben had to return to work Tuesday morning.
Since I have a few other posts to make today, let me share with you before and after pictures of Ruben's Ram.
Before - after a day of muddin' when the truck wasn't even a month old:

After, almost looking brand spanking new again:

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