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Tagged (again) Sometimes I think I shouldn't read other's blogs!

1)Legal First name?
Angela (middle name) Christine
2)Were you named after anyone?
Somewhat. I was a January baby, and while my Mom and Grandma put up the Christmas tree, they kind of discussed baby names. My Grandma gave my Mom an Angel that sits on the tree, and somehow that is how they came up with my name. Angela Christine for the Angel of Christ.
4)Do you wish on stars?
Now that I can see them way out here in the Country – sure, every now and then.
5)When did you last cry?
Yesterday at my doctor’s office.
6)What is your favorite lunch meat?
I don’t really have one. I very rarely eat sandwiches, unless of course we are at Subway or Port-of Subs, then it’s a BMT or a #1 - Ham, Salami, Capicolla,Pepperoni & Provolone.
7)What is your birth date?
January 26th.
8) What is your most embarrassing CD/tape?
Oh boy….not even really sure what CD’s I own anymore, but I know I have some Country ones like Tim McGraw and a German Rock band called Rammstein.
9)If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?
Hmmm, I’d have to go with a yes. I have my moments, but most of my friends love me in spite of them!
10)Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Uh, that would be daily.
11)What are your nicknames?
Ang & Honey top the list now, but when I was little my mom called me Peanut Butt and Petunia.
12)Would you bungee jump?
That’s a hard one, in my wild days yeah – but I’m afraid of heights, so I think someone would have to push me!
13)Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Nope, too lazy – put them on already tied too!
14)What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Neapolitan. Italian Spumoni. Pistachio Almond.
15)Shoe Size?
9 ½ to a 10 – depends on what type of shoes.
16) Red or pink?
Pink SHOULD be my color for breast cancer, but I can’t seem to give up Red, Black or Blue.
17)What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
Right now? My hair. I hate how it is growing back! But before that it’s mostly been my weight.
18)Who do you miss seeing the most?
My friend, Rhonda who lives in Reno. Although it’s only a 4 hour drive to see each other now, life always gets in the way.
19)Favorite past-time?
Scrapbooking, TV, shopping.
20)What color pants/skirt & shoes are you wearing?
Still in my jammies, so no shoes. Red tee and red plaid flannel pants.
21)What are you listening to right now?
My daughter playing alone with her Barbie’s.
22)What did you eat for breakfast?
I don’t really do breakfast.
23)If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Pacific Blue….or anything in the Blue family.
24)What is the weather like right now?
Cold with bits of snow still on the ground.
25)Last person you talked to on the phone?
No one yet today.
26)What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Their eyes and smile.
27)Coffee or tea?
Neither. I get my caffeine from Soda! Preferably Mr. Pibb.
28)Favorite Drink?
Mr. Pibb or Sonic’s Strawberry Limeade.
29)Hair Color?
Just dyed it Burgandy a few weeks ago, and on Saturday to keep the color from fading I added this Funky Cherry 8-10 week mousse dye.
30)Do you wear contacts?
Yeah because I hate wearing glasses!
31)Favorite Food?
Hmm, Steaks from The Star, my MIL Enchilada’s, and Korean Kal-bi with rice & kimchee.
32)Last Movie You Watched?
A lot Like Love (again- I so love that movie!), Monster-in-law, and Be Cool (again!)
33)Favorite Day of the Year?
Sunday – so I can watch Grey’s Anatomy and The Soprano’s.
34)Scary Movies or Happy Endings?
Happy endings most definately!
35)Summer or winter?
Hard to decide since I haven’t been home for Spring & Summer – but I know this, I hate Elko Winters and Vegas Summers!
36)Hugs OR Kisses?
Depends on who from…..I like both!
37)What Is Your Favorite Dessert?
Carrot Cake.
38)Have you ever won any awards?
Not any worth remembering.
39)Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Only my ears now, but I used to have my eyebrow, tongue and belly button pierced (in my skinnier days!) and I have 5 tattoos, which is my limit. I have A rose on my ankle, a rose band on the other ankle, a rose on my right shoulder, a frog & lily pad on the left shoulder, and a custom tribal on my right bicep.
40)Living Arrangements?
I live in a house with my Hubby of 6+ years, our 6 y/o daughter and our 3 ½ y/o cock-a-poo dog.
41)What Books Are You Reading?
Scrapbook idea books, and a book on Digital Photography for Dummies.
42)What's On Your Mouse Pad?
Nothing. I don't use one.
43)What did you watch last night on TV?
Grey’s Anatomy, The Soprano’s then Big Love.
44)Favorite Smell?
Pearberry bath & body stuff from Victoria’s Secret.
45)Favorite Junk Food?
Ice Cream.
46)Rolling Stones or Beatles?
Neither. Ick!
47)What's the farthest you've been from home?
I grew up in Illinois, near St. Louis, MO. and the sumer before my Senior year of HS we moved to Hawaii.

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