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Back again - and so soon at that!

I didn't plan on making a post this morning, but about 3 am, a very excited little 6 year old woke up asking for a tissue to blow her nose. I later discover this was all a ploy to check if the Tooth Fairy had come yet. Once she discovered that she had, she would not be quiet long enough to go back to sleep. So here I am. I've been physically awake since 3 am. I've gotten out of bed, folded 3 baskets of laundry, put another in the dryer, put my daughter in the tub, and have been working online doing various things. After I get Natalie out of the tub, I will be heating up a nice steak sandwhich from The Star Restaurant. YUM! Nothing like a Star steak. What a way to start my Friday. I am going to be so dead tired, it's not even going to be funny. I can only hope that Natalie will be just as tired after school, so we can nap!

I've realized during my time of drama, chaos and sadness, I had neglegted to tell you the positive things going on in life. My hubby discovered selling on Ebay, and to his own accord has sold off all his collectibles. Prior to either one of us working in the Gaming industry, we used to collect $10 Silver Strike tokens that are fairly hard to get. He had some from quite a few imploded casinos such as the Dunes, which no longer exists. Aside from selling his coins, he also sold off his Monster Truck collection - my baby boy has grown up. I'm so proud! In his first week alone, he made over $500. So he started searching the house for stuff to sell. While he is still on his mission, he has made at least $1500 to date, and has bought us a shitload of goodies. He bought himself a Flowmaster air intake for his Ram truck - he's also supposed to be getting me one for my Durango as well. He's also gotten a new PSP, tons of games, and who knows what else as I am getting packages everyday. What I do know is that out of the kindness of his heart he bought me the 2 other lenses I wanted for my digital camera.

And on the 18th while watching QVC's Scrapbooking with Creating Keepsake's - which is ALWAYS a bad idea when you have a Q card, I couldn't resist but buy a Quickutz die cutter since they had it on 3 easy pays......I also broke down and bought the matching numbers to the CK Typist font the cutter came with, but since then my hunny has also been gracious enough to buy me the complete classic QK Lucy font off Ebay.

I could go seriously go crazy buying these dies and fonts, and will as long as he's bringing in the dough from Ebay. I swore I would never buy a QK since I have a Sizzix and Sizzlits die machine, but at least I didn't bet money on it or anything. - but now that I have some of the dies I've been waiting for, I can finally finish this Swap I signed up for that is due next month. Am I a procrastinator or what?

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