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News, news, and more news.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. It's been a bad week, and you may not be hearing from me again for awhile.
It all started last week. My hubby was out of town in San Diego for Regional meetings. While he was gone, my week started off badly as my eye swelled shut. It stayed that way for nearly 3 days and I couldn't drive or do anything, since I could only see out of one eye. Then on Friday, once my hubby was home I learned that my Mom possibly has Colon Cancer. The first doctor diagnosed her with stage 4, but didn't do all the necessary tests to confirm it. She went in for a second opinion and now she is being told she has Ovarian Cancer, even though she hasn't had her ovaries since I was born. Granted she was in Mexico, and all this news came from Mexican doctors. While I don't really see how it would be possible for her to have Ovarian Cancer, she does have some form of Cancer. The doctor ran a tumor marker on her blood and it did come back positive. She has excessive amounts of fluid in her abdomen, and needs to have surgery done right away to see what all is going on. I haven't gotten all the news yet, but it looks like they have finally come to their senses and will come back to Las Vegas to allow her insurance to cover her treatments, so we will have to wait and see.
Today, I got an email from my sister in Hawaii who happens to be approximately 32 weeks pregnant, with my nephew Matthew. Since her blood pressure is a little higher than what the OB would like, she will go in tomorrow to have jelly put on her cervix to help it dialate, then on Saturday she will be induced. This will be her second son, so it looks like come Saturday, I will be an Auntie once again.
Then to top it all off, my daughter has been complaining of pain in her mouth. I really didn't put much thought into it, as she has been wishing and waiting for the day for the Tooth Fairy would come to visit. She has complained about this one tooth way before it even began to wiggle slightly. So on Valentine's I look into her mouth and find that right behind her two bottom front teeth, she has teeth that have started to break through the gums. At first we were worried because a second row of teeth would not be good, but upon closer exam I found that her two front teeth are really loose finally, as if she hasbeen willing them to fall out all this time. I've been having her eat an apple every day to help loosen them more and fall out naturally, as I do not want to have to resort to the things my mother did to me to pull my loose teeth out....such as tie a string around the tooth, and the other end to a door knob, and slam the door so hard that to yank it right out. No torturing here, if worse comes to worse, we will go see the dentist and see what he can do with a little novacaine! Not a great picture, but take a look for yourself.


Valerie said...

I'm sorry things are so tough right now.

The teeth thing is kind of cool though, it'll make a great party story when she's older :)

anybody said...

Hugs to you dear and keep us updated.

Shannon said...

Hey Ang,
Im sorry to hear about your mom. But you are a fighter and you obviously got that from someone. So Im sure she will be a fighter just like you. Hang in there, and if you need ANYTHING at all, dont hesitate to ask, okay?

Take care!

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