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Western Week

This week to coincide with Cowboy Poetry, the school has been sponsoring Western Week. It's a time when the kids where their cute little cowboy boots and hats to school. At least we'll get some wear out of those $50 Durango pink boots we bought in Vegas! We missed it Monday....I totally forgot and sent her to school in her Raider's jersey and jeans. But I remembered yesterday and as we headed out to school, we stopped down near the end of the road where there are some beautiful horses. I didn't mean for her to get close to them - ya know, in case they weren't nice. But I got some wonderful pictures of her with the horses. She petted them and they nuzzled her neck. Once she got near the fence, they just flocked over to her for some attention. They are amazing creatures. Take a look for yourself. I'll also be posting LOTS of new pix on Flickr too.

I think today after school we may stop and feed the ducks, we'll see. It all depends on what the weather is like.

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