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January 30, 2006 - When it all began.

I'm not exactly sure of the date, when it began. But it must have been close to about 7 years ago....or maybe just a little more. Playing pool with a friend at a bar called Pink'Es in Las Vegas. I remember the night well, I just can't remember the date. We had been drinking and horsing around as we played pool. Then the next thing I remember, he began to sing to me and my heart melted. It wasn't the first time I had been serenaded in my life. The first was like a scene from Top Gun. A group of drunken Navy sailors my dad worked with at a Christmas party singing that infamous song, "You've lost that loving feeling" all because I wouldn't dance with someone. I had only been 17, and was quite embarrassed. But all of that is not important now.....this time was different. The man singing to me was supposed to be my friend, a best friend - one who knew all my deep dark secrets, and there he stood singing to me "Let's get it on" by Mavin Gaye.

You know how it goes...."We're all senistive people, so much to give. Understand me sugar, since we've got to be here, let's live. I love you. There's nothing wrong with me, loving you. Baby not at all. Giving yourself to me could never be wrong, if the love is true. Oh baby. Don't you know how sweet and wonderful life can be. I'm asking you baby, get it on with me."

Like I said, I may not remember the exact date, but I do remember some harmless kissing around the table, and later sitting in my truck, all hot and heavy till nearly 3 am on a work night. Shortly there after we began seriously dating. On our first date we had both been so nervous, we had our friends Lora and Karl escort us. I'll never forget that date....our first (real) date. 3 months later, I (accidentally) wound up pregnant. A little miracle child, that survived when 4 others didn't. I remember feeling the exact moment thinking, knowing that I was pregnant. He proposed the day I found out, although I put the ring on my finger before he even had the chance to get on one knee and ask. A meer 26 days after she was born, on a Sunday morning - what turned out to be a Suberbowl Sunday morning, we wed. That was 6 years ago today. A day he'll never forget because that was when the Rams WON the Superbowl, and the Rams had been one of his favorite teams, that is next to the Raiders of course. (Also a little trivia for ya, our daughter's birthday is the 4th of January, mine is the 26th, add those together and you get the long as he knows 2 of the important dates, he'll never forget the 3rd.....I hope!) Anyway, we had tried to just go down to the court house and get it over with, but my mom wouldn't have that. She bought me a nice fancy dress, so we had to rent him a tux. luckily my friend Joanna who was my maid of honor already had a nice black and white gown, his friend Adrien only had to rent a tux. It wasn't your usually bridal gown, but then again, this was my second time around. Since I had this nice dress to wear, we knew the court house was out of the question. We drove up and down the strip for days looking for a "nice" Vegas chapel to wed in, as neither us, nor our families had the cash for a large wedding, and we didn't want to do a drive-thru ceremony or have it preformed by Elvis. We finally found a nice little place that resembled a real New England style Chapel, complete with stained glass windows, and a bell tower somewhere near Charleston and 4th I recall. A Special Memories Wedding Chapel. This place was very nice for a "Vegas" Chapel. Just wish I could find all the pix so you could see the beautiful outside tower and stained glass windows, Oh well maybe I'll find those ones later, for now I have these few for you to look at:

Happy 6th Baby, I love you!


Valerie said...

Aw what a sweet story, I'm all misty now.

(And WOW look at you, 26 day old baby and you looked FABULOUS!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Angi -

Congrats on your anniversary & belated happy birthday. I got married at the same chapel in Las Vegas almost eight years ago. Thanks for posting the link. It was fun to see it again.

Steph (groovy83)

LoraLoo said...

Aww man, Happy Anniversary you guys! I am feeling all sappy after reading this, because I remember ALL of that. Here you are, 6 years later... happily married, still in love, and you still like each other. Seriously, liking someone is just as important - it means you're best friends, confidants and each the other's biggest cheerleader. Can't ask for better than that.