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Well the New Year is upon us!

Here it is, all the Christmas hoopla is said and done with, and Christmas vacation is OVER. So today it's back to school already, and tomorrow, my one and only baby will be 6. No longer a baby, no longer a toddler, now just a child, next to be a teen and already fighting and arguing with her Mother. I can't beleive that she's almost a 1st grader. I feel so old, and speaking of old, not long from now I will soon be 32 and we will be celebrating our 6th year of marriage! ARGH!!!!! Where does time go? Her birthday party is set for Saturday and we have yet to get a single reply from her kindergarten class. Last year the dissapointments had come from most of our own family, which had been our fault. We celebrated her birthday the day fter Christmas because we were in Las Vegas and that's where all our friends and family where. But as it turned out, they all had made prior holiday plans, and now it once again looks like this year will be a let down as well. Why do I bother going out and spending almost $200 on invitations, wrapping paper, party supplies, goodie bags and the stuff to go in them? Being an only child means she has anything and everything her heart can desire because every year we over do it. We spent so much on her for Christmas we asked others to only give her money - which most didn't listen to. But those that did have now put her $150 dollars on her way to a savings account. Instead of spending all that money on birthday party crap I should have just given her the $200. This vacation has went faster than what it ever seems and Christmas for me was somewhat dissapointing - but on my own accord. I told my hubby not to buy me anything. We agreed to buy each other things for the house instead, we got our 5" down featherbed and our surround sound for our bedroom. Then he got his $450 RC car and I got my $700 digital camera.....then I also sweet talked him into 4 new alphas for my sizzlit machine and 10 new dies for my sizzix machine. He then went out on a limb to suprise me as always and bought me some perfume and stuff anyways, which I am grateful for. Every year he stashes cash and buys me surprises. I never can figure out how he does it! But nonetheless, I can always use new perfume, and that is what I said I wanted for Christmas. I am a perfume hog and wouldn't doubt if I smell like a french whore half the time. I love my Calvin Klein Eternity's and Obsession's, my Tresor and all my bath and body products. I'm one spoiled chickie. But I guess what hurts the most is that every year that we've been together I have always gotten jewelry for our anniversary, Mother's Day and for Christmas, and this year cancer came along and ruined it all. No nice big diamonds, no sparkly gold chains, no rings and matching bracelets, nothing to my hearts content! What I did get was a poor blood test from my oncologists office, and now I have to be re-tested monthly due to a low platelet count. I now have to watch for unusual bruising and excessive bleeding. Joy! Natalie had a wonderful Christmas and really cleaned up, but unfortunately I was too stressed to enjoy most of it. SO I figured for the rest of my school break I would take some me time. I stayed up till 3, slept till noon and scrapped some although I pretty much got nothing done. I have everything cut out, but nothing really put together yet. It's a book all about the things I love. Something to help cheer me up when I'm down, and my first attempt at a round album. I bought tons of new supplies while in Vegas that were dying to be used. Once I get back from taking Nat to school, I'm going to try to post our Christmas pix to Flicker, and also post my list of New Years Resolutions - which should be real easy, as it is much like last years - plus or minus a few tidbits. I hope everyone else had a way more enjoyable experience than I, and at least stayed up till midnight New Year's.......I was out like a light at 9pm!
Until next time, be good to one another!


Valerie said...

Happy almost birthday Natalie, and Happy New Year Angi, here's hoping that everything is better and brighter from here!

anybody said...

Sounds like you had a good holiday. My fingers are crossed regarding the platelets. :)