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January 26, 2006 - Happy Birthday to Me~!~

Well here it is, the BIG day. I'm 32 now and I feel EVERY single DAY of it! I'm not sure what is in store yet for the day - probably nothing or at least not much. I say that because I was given the OK from my hubby to buy whatever my little heart desired (since I wanted scrap stuff, he sent me out to get it myself, since he's scrap challenged.) Yet, I couldn't really find anything BIG that I wanted. Maybe I should have gotten some new lenses for my digital camera. I did buy some new dies, and ALL kinds of storage for the new scraproom he's going to build me when I get off my butt and carefully put all my paper elsewhere during the transition......and while I just spent a grand on a new washer and dryer, I am excited that I finally got them yesterday! YAY!
So what to do now for the big day? Can't relax as I have to take my daughter to school and have Valentine projects going on, as well as a new round album, and I finally got my QVC TSV in the mail yesterday. At this rate, I will never pack up my room for re-modeling! I guess the celebration will most likely wait till this weekend when we can also celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary too, as that is coming up on the 30th!


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Happy Birthday Angi!!!

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Happy Birthday Angi!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Ang! Hope you had a great day!