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January 4, 2006 - My god how time flies so fast when you're a parent!

Today, just 6 years ago, at 3:02 pm, I gave birth to my little miracle. It's hard to beleive that as of today she is 6. No longer a toddler or a child, but a kid. A kid who grows smarter (in every way!), taller, and more into looking like a young lady. Now if I could only get her to act like one, we would be doing good. 6 years. I cannot beleive it. It makes me feel sooooooo old! Yet I'm both so happy AND so sad at the same time. Where has my little baby gone? Yet at the same time I am so happy she is a kindergartener and at least gets out of the house (and out of my hair!) for a few hours each day. It's just so hard for me to fathom the thought that she is almost a 1st grader and going to school full time! Oh what will I do then?
Party all day? LOL. NOT!

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