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January 14, 2006 - It's Over. Where to next?

Here it is, January 14th. Christmas is over, I don't even recall New Years, and both of Natalie's birthday parties are over. So what's next. I actually have a few weeks before the next big event - or events I should say. The 26th wil be my 32 birthday, yeah (NOT!). The 30th will be our official 6 year anniversary. No it's not a big number or anything, but still 6 years is a big deal. Somedays we both wonder how we ever made it this long, especially given all the hardships we've been dealt in the 7+ years we've been together! Then in Feburary we've got a couple birthdays, Valentine's, and then of course our other anniversary. That of our first date. This time of year is very busy for us. It's one thing after another all the way from Halloween till Ruben's birthday in July. So as I hardly have any time now to accomplish things, how will I manage in the upcoming weeks/months? I've been trying to edit Natlie's birthday pictures and those of my Scraproom to post for Cynthia, but I've been having problems with my laptop and have run out of space for this month on Flickr. So now what, do I buy a membership, or wait till next month to post the pictures? I've even contemplated posted the pictures on 2Peas of my Scraproom. I am in desperate need of feedback on it, as I would like to remodel it ASAP and I LOVE Cynthia's desgn and organization. It's funny I used to be so organized at work before, but now I cringe at the idea of filing things. Guess it's cause I did it for all those years. Aside from the pictures, I am also working on a round album, which I have most of the stuff cut and ready for it to be put together, just have lacked the time to do so.......and if all that weren't enough I bought all the supplies I needed to make Valentine's goodies for my daughter's class. Orginally I was going to use these adorable little Chinese boxes I found, but after I attempted to stamp on them I decided it was not going to work. The material was just too glossy. So I went and exchanged them for these brown craft paper bags with a peek-a-boo hole. I wanted these other little brown fold up boxes, but he didn't have enough in stock - but we agreed on the brown craft items instead of the white ones as we were afraid that I would encounter the same problem stamping on them. So let's see now. I have at least 3 projects that I am working on and no time to do them in. I have shopping to do for both myself and my husband. I am getting my own b-day present, most likely some more sizzlit alphabets, but who knows! There is so much that I want, but I need to pace myself. Oh, and let's not forget that we have yet to take down the Christmas tree or lights! Looks like that will be the first place to start. Wanna join me, it will be oh such great fun!

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