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A peek into my Scrap Room (soon to be before pix)

Ok, Cynthia - I have FINALLY met your challenge and not only have I taken pictures, & edited them - I even bought a pro account so I could put them on Flickr, as I had run out of room for this month on the FREE account.
So, now you can see how messy and UNORGANIZED it is - The only problem is that this stupid blog would not accept the tag on my post, and I am too new to this to figure out how to make it work! So if you would like to see my room, please follow the link that I have posted below! Hopefully, it works!

Also know this, as you look at these pix, know that my hubby just spent nearly $500 last night at Home Depot to re-do my room to be more user-friendly and organized like hers. Now I just need to buy all the Cropper Hopper paper containers, and a million shoe box size containers! Guess that's what I will be buying with my $300 of Birthday and Anniversary money this month! Either that or be broke and live off Ramen for a couple months!

Take a peek, I really hope you enjoy my haven! So far, a lot of work has went into this, and now we're getting ready to put in even more!!!!
All feedback would be greatly appreciated, as our resolution this year is to get more organized! The hubby also bought closet organizing stuff the day before last, so I get to spend the rest of the day folding and hanging clothes! Yay! NOT!

You can find all 99 pictures by following this link to and looking under the set titled My Scrap Room as of 1.14.06

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