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January 6, 2005 - Time for bed, yet so much to be done!

A few days ago on the 4th was my daughter's 6th birthday. We had a small little party here that consisted of her father and myself. She had a little round cake decorated with a tiara and septer, after all you know, SHE IS ROYALTY, lol. After the cake she opened a few presents, nothing too exciting, just some Xbox and Playstation games, lipglosses, and clothes.....oh joy!. Tomorrow at 3:30 is when the REAL party is. A bunch of hyped up kindergarteners hopped up on cake running around Mickey D's. Should be a whole lot of fun! And if that weren't enough, as soon as her party ends, we have another to attend! Ruben's annual Christmas party for work is Staurday at 5 at the Star, and just thinking about it is making my mouth water like you couldn't even imagine! Steak sounds so appetizing right about now! Mmmmmm. As it is so late here, and I have been sick with the flu or whatever, I haven't gotten to any of my posts lately. But I swear after tomorrow, I WILL post about the parties AND about our Resolutions we make to break this year. But I can say THIS of mine was definately NOT to stay away from ice cream cause in the last 2 days I ate a whole gallon of Pistacho Almond all by myself .......mmmmmm. But hey I am still keeping my weight down, and haven't gained a pound so who really cares what I eat right? Certianly NOT me!
In the meantime I have posted LOTS of new pix to my Flicker account from Christmas and the 4th. Hope you enjoy them. Now off to bed and rest before I deal with lots of screaming kids tomorrow!

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