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I've been tagged again, but at least this is a quick one!

I was tagged again!

This one came from Lora.

List five weird things about yourself:

1. I am totally disgusted by feet and toes. I cannot stand them and will try not to touch them if at all possible.

2. I hate being late or not having enough time to finish a project or do something, and totally stress/obsess over it, which in turn causes a lot of over-reaction and anxiety on my part. Yet at the same time I am somewhat of a procrastinator also. Imagine that!

3. I have this thing for gossip magazines and celebrity life. I'm addicted to it. I love watching some of the MTV/VH1/E! reality shows like True Life; Newlyweds; Meet the Barkers; Cribs; Pimp my Ride; The E! True Hollywood Story; Best Week Ever - just to name a few. I also love those countdown shows, the fabulous life, and the decade shows too!

4. I'm anal-retentive (or so Ruben says) and slightly obsessive/compulsive about stupid little crap. I may even be a little bit on the hypochondriac side too.

5. I'm a perfectionist at nearly all I do, and often won't stop doing something until I am satisfied with what I've done - even once others have told me to stop!

Okay, since this one is a quickie, I'm going to share the love. I tag: Cynthia & Donna.

Merry Christmas to all!

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I'm on it Angi, though it might take a day or two.