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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Yesterday it snowed all day long in somewhat of a blizzard fashion. Yet for all that we barely accumulated 3 inches or so, and there was no snow day today like we had hoped for. So Ruben had to go off to work this morning, and I had to take Natalie to school. It really kinda sucks. It's cold and windy, but the snow is sort of clearing away - guess cause it's rained a bit today.
Today was spent trying to wrap up loose ends so we can leave for Vegas tomorrow when Natalie gets out of school. I need to finish laundry and start packing. I made a bunch of calls today, paid some bills, and went to the post office which was not fun.....the line was outrageous!
This past weekend I FINALLY finished up on the gift album I have been making for a friend. She's like the only one who stood by me during chemo. There were others, but she's the one who hauled my ass out to the park, called me all the time, and tried her best to keep my spirits up or just listen to me vent. I would have finished this long ago if it weren't for all those damn doctor appointments and weekend trips to Vegas for them. But I am so excited It's done, and last night I made a goodie bag packed full of all kinds of extra embellishments for her to use when she puts down the photos. I posted some pics at 2Peas, but they aren't the best photos I could've done. I should have scanned each one, but didn't have time. Kari a friend I met at Natalie's school, another mother, invited me out to play Bunco. Let me tell you, I cleaned up pretty good for my first time playing! I won a HUGE bath basket for having the most losses, and another BIG tub filled with Christmas goodies for having a Bunco in the 6th round and having the bear when the bell rang. It was a lot of fun to get out of the house and not hear mom! They lost a member that night, so I agreed to go from a sub for one player to a regular player. It's $7 a month, one night a month, a few hours away from home with the girls, eating, talking and winning prizes!
I don't know if I will have much time to post later this week. Once I get to Vegas I have a doctor appointment Wed. & Thur. and dinner with a friend Friday. We are only staying down there till the 26th, when we come back to another freezing cold house and bed! If I get a chance I will post about our Christmas, if not I will when I get back. I hope the rest of you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!
Merry Christmas!

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