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December 14, 2005 - Stop thinking about it, just do it!

Sometimes ya just gotta stop thinking about everything and just do whatever it is so it's done and off your mind. Yeah I still have holiday cards I am working on, laundry, mail, bills, and presents. But I have bought all the stuff for my daughter's 6th birthday party, booked a spot for the party, and started on various other projects, although I still have millions more waiting to be done.
But before all that, I wanted to share with you a story about a man I met in Vegas just prior to finishing Chemo. My hubby and I met him at Home Depot, and upon seeing my bald head he inquired if I had cancer. He then began telling us his story of how he battled testicular cancer that had spread to his stomach and brain, had a child despite it all, and sits with a prune in a jar on his desk so he can give all his interviewees a hard time. Yeah he might have shared too much info with us, but he gave me the same advice that he followed. When his hair began to grow back, it came back as a fro'. Since it wasn't the 70's he decided to shave it off and try again. He ended up with a rather nice head of hair. So yesterday I just quit thinking about it and did it. My hair was coming back super curly and wirery, or a fro' as you will. So after dropping Nat off at school, I got out the clippers and for the second time in my life I gave myself a buzzcut. Needless to say it certainly stunned my daughter and husband. Ruben's not happy about it to say the least, says I look like Sinead O'Connor, but I'm thinking more G.I. Jane......of course that's minus the biceps and tight abs. My hair had gotten to the point I started blow drying it to straighten it out some, but instead it ended up more spiked than anything. At least now I can just brush my teeth, dress and go. What do you think? Before and after........

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ang!
love the new look! I so dig Sinead O'Connor!
Thanks for your supportive emails...much appreciated!