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I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Cynthia

The rules for this particular tagging are as follows:
Remove the blog name in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add yourself to the bottom slot.

1. Beth
2. Deanna (View of Life)
3. A Scrap of Life (Annette)
4. i am a coconut (Cynthia)
5. Hope, Strength, Courage: The Story of my Survival through Breast Cancer (Angi)

Then you get to select five people to pass the love on to.
1. Lora
2. Donna
3. Jeff
4. Valerie
5. Kenny

Now, on to the questions!

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was just about to turn 21. I had just moved to Vegas to be near the majority of my family, and I had just split with my former husband and we were divorcing!

What were you doing one year ago?
I had just moved to Elko with my husband Ruben who was promoted to Area Supervisor for the office he runs here. I was happy to no longer be working, I was finally a SAHM, and I was pregnant for the 5th time and we were convince that I was going to carry this one to term (however I didn't and lost it in Jan. after 14 weeks).

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. Keebler Double Stuff Fudge Elf cookies
2. Neopolitan Ice Cream
3. The occasional candy bar - brand varies.
4. Cucumbers or Jicama w/lemon and salt
5. Chicharrones (not sure if that's how you spell it, but the mexican fried doritos with lemon and hot sauce that you get at the swap meet in Vegas)

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
1. The Reason by Hoobastank
2. Welcome to my Life by Simple Plan.
3. These Boots Were Made for Walkin' by Jessica Simpson....courtesy of my daughter
4. My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas....again, courtesy of my daughter
5. Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye.....courtesy of my hubby who sung it to me the night of our first kiss.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Scrapbook all day, maybe even make a business out of it.
2. Pay off my home and buy a freaken nice ass house somewhere.
3. Send my child to private school and set up her college fund and trust fund.
4. Buy my hubby any car he wants, and both of us new Dodge's even though we just bought ours last year.
5. Travel all over the world/buy me tons of jewelry/and have plastic surgery on every inch of fat I have.

Five bad habits:
1. Not exercising as much as I should.
2. Not doing the dishes when I should.
3. Not massaging my arm like I should.
4. Not doing the laundry like I should.
5. Not eating all day, just drinking Mr. Pibb.

Five things you like doing:
1. Scrapbooking.
2. Shopping for scrap supplies.
3. Going to Scrap Crops and Conventions.
4. Watching Grey's Anatomy.
5. Sleeping in Late.

Five things you would never wear, buy, or get new again:
1. For now, V-Neck shirts.
2. Bathing Suit.
3. Daisy Dukes or any shorts really since I don't wear them.
4. AquaNet or any cheap hairspray or shampoo/conditioner for that matter.
5. Dresses/skirts....won't ever catch me in one again.

Five favorite toys:
1. My 10 new sizzix dies and 4 sizzlit alphas/window and fram dies.....actually all my scrap supplies!
2. My new Sony Cyber Shot digital camera.....LOVE IT, can't wait to get additonal lenses for it!
3. My new Notebook did I ever function with wires?
4. My new Palm Pilot....where would life be without my digital brain!
5. My photo printer - although I would like a new one even though this one has hardly been used!.


anybody said...

I'm on it Angi! :)

anybody said...

Angi--I'd like to be able to add the links to Beth, Deanna, and Annette when I make my post. Do you know what they are?

ScrapAddictNV said...

I sure don't. I copied and pasted from Cynthia's site, and don't recall them being linked when I did it this morning. I don't even know who they are!

anybody said...

I figured it out by working going to Cynthia's site and reading hers. Thanks, dear. My post is up, so you'll have to read it. :)

Have a safe trip to Vegas! Merry Christmas!