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Our list of 5

If you ever were a Friends show addict, then you know all about the list of 5. You know, the scene between Ross and Racheal were they agree that they can have a list of 5 people that they could sleep with if they ever had a chance and both would be okay with it?
Well last night my husband and I laid in bed watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Good movie, we quite enjoyed the sound of it on our new surround sound in our bedroom - we now have a surround sound for each TV in our house! Anyway, after watching half the movie, he mentioned that Angelina Jolie just moved up a notch on his list. I know Jennifer Aniston also graces his list, but I do not know the other three or what order they are in. All I know is mine is forever changing.
Currently my list is as follows:

1) Ashton Kutcher - not the "Dude Where's my Car" Kutcher, more like the current "Punk'd" star.
2) Nick Lachey - hell if Jessica doesn't want him, I'll take him in a heartbeat. He has gorgeous blue eyes, and he's rich and romantic to boot!
3) Patrick Dempsey - not the "Can't Buy Me Love" one, the neurosurgeon Dr. Shepard on Grey's Anatomy. Man if I had a doctor that hot I would have no complaints with always going to see him!
4) Orlando Bloom - Yes, dear elfing Legolas minus the ears. Or better yet from "Pirates of the Caribbean"
5) Viggo Mortenson - I will bow to King Aragon anyday.

So now you know it!

Who are you willing to cheat for?

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