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We have cows!

As I have previously mentioned, it's spring here in Spring Creek. Actually I'd almost say summer as I am suffering from my first sunburn since moving here.....and I wasn't even doing anything other than standing outside the school talking with other mothers! When I came back I noticed my neck and arms are burnt bad, and quite painful to top it off!

Anyway, back to the cows. Over beyond the hills, behind our house, there is a rather LARGE cow farm. Day in and day out my daughter and I see these cows as we are heading off for school. These poor cows make this very long hike over all the hills and through the wild brush and grass, to cross over Lower Lamoille Road. Now Lower Lamoille Road runs directly behind our house, and meets up with the highway, Lamoille Road the road that takes us to school, and it's also the only road that goes into town. They hike across the valley and hills JUST to seek out water from this little creek that is near where the two roads connect, then they male the long journey home. During certain times of the day you have to be very, very careful as you drive down the road so you don't hit a cow. So now I am on the lookout for cows and deer.....the coyotes I could care less about. I'm not about to risk wrecking my Durango just to swerve and miss hitting a coyote - on a curvy, bumpy, dirt and gravel road!

So the other day as we were leaving for school, I remembered to take along my camera and ended up getting some really great shots! There were lots of baby cows and even a bull (I do believe but I'm not sure so sure, cause it had utters?.....but it did have horns). Other than that I really wouldn't know as I am not formally educated in the sex of farm animals, or any other animal for that matter. So below are some of the pictures I took. Hope you enjoy them.

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