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There's Magical fun to be had

And it's soon to be all around us. I just got done making plans and reservations today to go to Disney the week following my arrival in Vegas. This is a SPECIAL treat for my daughter's graduation from kindergarten and we are going all out! We gave her the choice of Sea World or Disney. At first she teeter-tottered back and forth between the two. I know my hubby was really pulling for Sea World and San Diego. But none of it really appeals to me except maybe the zoo, which maybe we'll hit next year, if not later this summer. It's just I've been to the original Sea World in Florida when I was little. I don't think it has changed much since then - and I know this summer will be filled with many, many trips to Mandalay Bay to see the Shark Reef since my MIL works there, and gets us discounted tickets. She went 3 or more times last summer to the Reef. So why go to Sea World when I know she'll be going to the Reef and petting sting rays? Also this summer, as long as my energy is up for it - I have plans to take her to see the Lions at the MGM, the Tigers at the Mirage, and the Dolphins at the TI.
We want this to be way special, and she picked it on her own as there is still so much she hasn't seen or done there. Her first trip we got rained on, the 2nd she got sick and missed all of the fireworks for 4th of July. So this trip is somewhat special for all of us. We all need a break from our lives, but Natalie especially deserves it - not just for graduating, but for everything that she (and we) have had to endure over the last year or so with all of my surgeries, doctor appointments, and the chaos called life. So I booked a nice room at the Disneyland Resort Hotel for a few nights, complete with Disney Park Hopper Passes for the 3 of us, and a Character Breakfast. Now we've been to Disney a few times, as I've said, but this here by far takes the cake as our most expensive trip. The trip with the breakfast alone cost a mere $1,055.00 With a price tag like that I can't wait to see how much we spend on eats, treats, and goodies! It's amazing how much a few days of fun can cost, but it will all be oh so worth it! I so need a vacation, but an adult vacation to some far off exotic beautiful beach away from the outside world, cell bars, and wireless connections!

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