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July 27, 2005 – Help at last, or more fuel to the fire?

Today I started my day by dropping my dog off at the groomers, then going in for some blood tests for my oncologist. Afterwards, I met with an assessment person over at Montevista Hospital. Here I thought I was going to get help, and instead here’s this woman digging into all aspects of my life, not getting really any background info, and making assumptions. This did not sit well with me. Here I am trying to get help for depression, stress, and anxiety – and she mistakes what information I am telling her about my anxiety medication and flat out calls me an addict, all because I take it twice a day. I damn near went off on her because I was so pissed. How dare she judge me? I have been under so much stress and anxiety the last few days, especially with thinking something is wrong with my head, and this woman is doing nothing more than stressing me out more! I left there so upset, I called Ruben and told him what was going on. I didn’t want to stress him out, but I was so freaked out about something potentially being wrong with my head, I didn’t know what to do. So he made a few calls and hopped on the next flight out. Luckily, Ruben’s former boss (now his bosses boss) Russ is an amazing man, and has been very understanding through-out this whole ordeal.

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