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March 10, 2005 - I don't have a breast but I have 2 "Balls"

I was released from the hospital today (see last post on how the ASSistant surgeon practically kicked me out this morning)– but before I left a wonderful woman from the Quality of Life Center stopped by with a gift for me. She gave me a Teddy Bear and a camisole top with pillow-like breast insert. She offered her services to help out in ANY way. From support groups to running errands, you name it, she would do it. Those people there are really a wonderful group of people whose lives have unfortunately been touched by cancer. They are able to help in the way they do, not only because they donate their time, but because of the donations people make to all the different organizations. Once I got home a home health nurse came by to check on me and change my dressings. I had 2 drain bulbs or as I liked to call them my "balls" and tubes attached to my side so excess fluid could drain from my system. I had to drain them several times a day and log each time they were drained and how much fluid they contained. When she removed the dressing, I found 25 staples where my breast once was, a very disturbing and depressing sight - no nipple or anything left that even resembled a breast. But I was assured when it gets reconstructed; you will barely even be able to tell I’ve had a mastectomy.

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