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March 22, 2005 - You're going to stick a needle where, and do what?

I went in today for another Post-op check-up. Mainly it was a wound check, and found that my breast had swollen and was filled with fluid that needed to be aspirated with a needle. Not much fun, but didn’t hurt much either. Because of this fluid, he now wants to see me again next week. Fun. He also wants me to meet with my oncologist next week. The only problem is that I don't have one yet. The only medical oncologist on my plan in the state is located in Las Vegas. And I’m here in Elko 7 hours away. We found another medical oncologist located in Twin Falls ID. but that’s about a 2 ½ hour drive each way, and I won’t be able to drive myself to all the treatments, and this poses a problem for childcare, as we have no one to watch our daughter. The only solution would be for my husband to take time off work, and wait the 4 hours while I get treatments…and he’ll have to do this every other week. After talking, we decided the Vegas thing works out better. We still have all our family and friends there, so my dog, daughter, and I will move in with my mother-in-law while I go through Chemo. It makes more sense; I’ll have someone to watch my daughter while I go to treatment, and even be able to get rides back and forth if needed. Plus I will have a larger support group made up of family and friends. Now we just need to settle a few details, like make the arrangements, tie up lose ends, and pack. Looks like Vegas here we come!

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