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July 9, 2005 – Mail’s here, mail’s here…

Wow, talk about your surprises! I don’t get much mail here at Ruben’s mom’s house. It’s all either something I ordered online and had sent here, something one of my few friends sent and I know the address, or something Ruben is sending me from home. But when you get something from an address you don’t recognize and it’s not junk mail, it really blows you away, especially when you know it’s a card. So I open the card, not knowing really what to expect, since there’s no name on the return address, and much to my surprise, I find the cutest ‘lil dog card that says “ Some days are just all fleas and no kibble….”ain’t that the truth! On the inside it says “Hang in there!” and was signed by Tammy & her mom Louise. It included a note that said if they had known that I needed a bit of cheer they would have jumped to my rescue sooner, and that by the time they are thru with me I will be begging them to stop already. It went on to say they just want to bring a smile to my face (well Tammy & Louise, not only did it do that, it brought many tears to my eyes as well!) and to see if they could lift my spirits and loneliness. They also said this card was just a start and that they hope that I enjoy it as much as they did picking it out for me, they promise more to come, and remind me that I am in their thoughts and prayers.
I’m not even sure where to begin. I barely know Tammy and her mom Louise. Tammy works for Ruben, and Louise works for another company in the same building, and I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting her once or twice. When I was in the hospital for the mastectomy, the Elko office sent me beautiful flowers, and I’m sure Tammy was behind the organization of it. And now, she and her mother send me this card and this wonderful, thoughtful note. Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now. So instead, thank you from the bottom of my bottom – it’s much bigger than my heart. = )

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