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June 1, 2005 - Cancer free, problem free

I had my follow-up appointment with my oncologist today. He ran my labs and they all came back great once again. He gave me my next phase of medication to start, the aromatase inhibitor Femara – This is the drug I will be on for the rest of my life, and may cause bone loss, so I have to have yearly bone scans in addition to my other tests. I found that I lost another 7 lbs. since my appointment on 5/26 – WOOHOO!! That was more of a highlight to my day I think than being cancer free, j/k = ) I don’t follow-up with the doc till the end of June to see if the Femara agrees with me, then after that I just do yearly exams which he said he is writing detailed notes in my records so any doctor in Elko can refill my RX and order my mammogram, chest x-ray, and bone scans when needed. I would only need to come back if there is a problem. Dr. Jean has been a wonderful doctor!

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