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June 11, 2005 - Back to school shopping sucks!

My mom and I took Natalie shopping for some back to school clothes. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Here in Vegas it is still hot as hell out, and we need clothes that will not only fit her but keep her nice and toasty warm come winter – which will come not far after school starts. Last year after we moved up there, we had our first “real” snow the 3rd week of October. Of course by then it had snowed in September. Matter of fact, Ruben called last week and said it snowed, and here it is JUNE for Christ’s sake! I also found out that even though she may seem like she’s really tall, she’s not, not in proportion to the rest of her body. That’s what made it so hard to find her clothes. Whatever would be big enough to fit her waist in a couple months was like two feet too long for her! UGH! And to think I thought I liked shopping! At least we got her a few things. The rest will have to wait, and we’ll make a trip to Salt Lake or Twin Falls.

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