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April 13, 2005 - Day one of Chemo. 1 down 3 to go – thanks to all.

Today is my first day for chemo. They made me watch a film on it first, which took about an hour or so. The film was mostly to answer common questions; afterwards it was time for the real deal. I was nervous as all hell. It was funny, because to ease my nerves, Ruben and I started to watch Titanic. There’s nothing like watching a tragic love story while getting chemo. But once she started, it was no big deal really. They flush my port with saline, then draw blood to make sure it is working right, but they flush it all back in. Once all that is done they start an IV, they give me some anti-nausea meds, then they push the chemo drugs, after the chemo drugs, they flush with saline again. The bad part is I can taste everything they push through. One chemo drug is red, the other is clear. When I pee, it is red to orange, and it smells so bad for the first 2 days, it is like pure medicine coming out it is enough to make you sick – that is just one of the many awful side effects that I won't even think about going into detail here!
I forgot to mention that I got an email sometime last week from one of my old co-worker’s here in Vegas, Reni, telling me that she had something for me and wanted to know how to get it to me. I told her I would stop by the office. I was quite curious what the hell she was talking about. I hate surprises and shit like this drives me nuts! I finally stopped by I think around the 11th, and it was the most beautiful card signed love all your Las Vegas Casino Service Friends and they all chipped in and bought me a $175 gift card for Michael’s Craft Stores. I don’t even know who all to thank. I know Nancy had a lot to do with it. She probably threatened bodily harm if people didn’t chip in money. Thank you Nancy and EVERYONE else in the Las Vegas office, I love you all so much. I was lucky enough to work with and for some of the best people you could ever imagine.

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