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April 29, 2005 - Bald is Beautiful, right?

I got so fed up with watching my hair fall out handfuls at a time that today I borrowed hair clippers and gave myself a buzz cut. It was just too depressing to watch it fall out every time I touched my head. It took me all day to work up the nerve, but once I did, I felt better. My daughter looked at the hair on the floor and said OH MY GOD look at all that hair! Then she looked at me and said OH MY GOD you look just like Uncle Rudy. She immediately dumped all her markers out and wanted to know if she could draw on my head now. When I told her no, that I still had some hair left, she told me, well then go shave it all off! Which I didn't, I wasn't completely ready for that just yet. After that she continued to pet my head, saying she loved how it felt. She may have loved it, but I felt like a dog being petted like that!

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