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May 25, 2005 - My 4th and FINAL chemo!

Well I did it. Today's the day, my FINAL chemo treatment YAY! I made it. Although I am more excited than words can describe, I am also so nervous. So nervous because this is it, I now have to transition back to a normal life and I am worried that I will forever have cancer on the brain. At least with chemo, I knew I was safe, but how do I return to the life I once had without constant fear getting in the way? After my chemo, mom invited Nat & I to crash on her Red Hat BBQ over at Barbara’s house. This is the second time now that I have spent an evening with these ladies, and they are just so warm and caring. Barb didn’t care I crashed her party. They just treat me like one of the “girls”. Who would have thunk I would have so much fun with these “old” ladies as I like to call them. They are old, but sassy gals. I hate to say it like this, but these ladies have spent more time with me while I'm down here than my own friends have - and these are my mom's friends! How sad is that? But then again, I do relate better to them I guess, beings that I am in menopause and all. Maybe that's why none of my friends want to be around me...I'm a 60 year old woman trapped in a 31 year old's body!

This is Natalie and my mom's Red Hat friend Diane (Nat LOVES her!)
I wish I had a picture of Melissa's (Barbaba's daughter) dog Opie. Nat loved that dog and played with him all night; and I swear, if Lexie weren't fixed, he'd be the dog I would mate her with.

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