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February 14, 2005 - Roses, Chocolates, & a Mammogram?

Here it is, Valentine's Day. Cards, Roses, Chocolates. How romantic! And while I'm daydreaming about a romantic dinner with my hubby, I'm here at the hospital having my boobs smashed, and twisted and turned. Needless to say, a mammogram isn't exactly how I imagined spending this day. After being somewhat tortured, the tech took me to the dreaded ultrasound room where they told me the news that I had lost my baby. She did an ultrasound of the mass to compare with the mammogram images. When I was done, the tech went to get the Radiologist to talk to me. I knew it wasn't going to be good, and I thought, God no, not again, not in this Godforesaken room, not on Valentine's Day. He came in and told me to get dressed, he wanted to show me my mammogram films, and there it was, I saw it as plain as day – just like the pamphlet. He told me that the mass appeared to be cancerous and I needed a biopsy done immediately. I had already scheduled a hysterectomy for 2/24, so now I just needed to add a biopsy on top of that, and find a general surgeon to do it.

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