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April 8, 2005 - A Cath and a Computer?

This morning I checked into the hospital and had my port placed in my chest to make chemo easier. I quickly remembered that Vegas hospitals sucks compared to the one in Elko. I'm stuck in this curtained off area with at least 5 other people. No private pre and post op rooms here! At first I was worried I was making the wrong decision, but when the nurses had a hard time starting an IV and couldn’t after 3 attempts, I knew I was doing the right thing. My port somewhat sticks out of my chest, and made my whole left chest area hurt like hell. I can’t even wear my seatbelt over my shoulder because of where she placed it – but it does make chemo easier! Afterward as my reward for all the things I have had to endure, or what I am about to endure, we went shopping at Circuit City and bought me a new notebook computer for my stay here. My Dell was ancient, and in desperate need of an upgrade. We had been “shopping” for a while and found a smoking deal on this, so Ruben said I was worth it. All so I can keep in touch with my honey and friends, how sweet of my man!

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