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June 7, 2005 - One helluva bloody bad day!

Today was just one bad day. First off I went to take a relaxing bath after a day of nothing but stressful phone calls, and found that I lost a BUNCH of hair. I thought I was over this. It was very depressing! UGH!!!! Then as I was getting ready for bed just after I took my meds I threw up. One of my medications tastes awful and dissolves quickly. Sure enough the taste alone made me sick. I’ve been very lucky to not have been extremely sick through-out this whole cancer ordeal, but tonight was a scary one. For the first time ever, I through up blood, and I’m not sure why. I actually through up quite a bit of it too – more than ¼ cup of blood on top of the pills, there was something that appeared to be some kind of flesh. My stomach was empty since it had been hours since I had eaten dinner and I was getting ready to go to bed. I’m hoping that maybe one of the larger pills scratched or damaged the back of my throat or something. Since I had thrown them up, I had to re-take them all, and the second time around I had no problems, but that time I took only 2 at a time and with a piece of toast. I just hope I didn’t do permanent damage.

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