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July 22, 2005 – Off my meds and loving it!

Once again it was another case of that little warning that you probably never even read that comes on the pamphlet when you pick up your medication. The one that says: Children and adolescents who take this medicine should be monitored daily for any worsening of their condition, thoughts of hurting themselves, or any other sudden or unusual changes in mood or behavior, especially during the first few months after starting this medicine and after any change in the dose of this medicine. If any of these serious side effects occur, contact the doctor immediately. Yeah I think daily crying falls under unusual changes in mood or behavior. So it’s a good thing that when I noticed I was crying so much more than the usual caught up in the emotion thing that I stopped taking my anti-depressant – this happened I think on Sunday night. I had a feeling it had a lot to do with the medication, yeah I still have some symptoms of depression, but like I have said before, with all I have been through this year who wouldn’t? I would think that would be fairly normal. My body has been through a traumatic experience, several times this year alone. So will I still seek help? I’m likely to, but I can say that here it is Friday and it’s been 2 days since I’ve cried, and while some disturbing things have happened the last few days and I’ve been mad as hell, overall I feel fairly good.
Let’s start with the General Surgeon I saw on July 20. She said she would take my port out next week in the hospital. Now while I’m sitting here trying to figure out my schedule for next week, holding off all appointments with friends for lunch, and my lymphedema therapist, and my doctor – I decide to call to find out what the hold up was, because they want me to get a chest x-ray first and they need approval from my insurance for the procedure, but they haven’t even begun, and the scheduler is off till Monday. I don’t understand why it takes them so long when the doctor that put it in got approval in one day from the insurance company. Only one thing to say here – SLOW OFFICE STAFF! So I called the surgeon who put the port in for me, yes the “Fresh Surgeon” (see entry below from April 8th), and I will be going to see her on Monday. Against my better judgment, we are going to remove the port in the office. This doesn’t bode well with me because I don’t do blood and pain well, but they assured me that I will not only be numb, but also not feel a thing. I can also take my xanax and percocet before I go, but I will need a driver for the procedure.

The second thing on my bitch list is FIDELITY NATIONAL HOME WARRANTY. This company sucks major ass! My swamp cooler still has not been fixed, they do not return phone calls, even though my policy states that upon receiving a request for service FNHW will contact a qualified contractor within 3 hours during normal business hours, and 48 hours on weekends and holidays– yeah right. It took them 2 freaken weeks to call my husband back, and the stupid CSR calls to ask if the swamp cooler had been repaired yet. Um, NO, you guys haven’t dispatched a repair tech yet! He called them on Thursday July 8th, and they just called him today on the 22nd, even though I have called several times and left messages for a manager by the name of Anthony Flores and have emailed him several times, and STILL no one has bothered to call! This is just part of my bitch fit with this horribly shitty company. And I’ll tell you what, if it weren’t for others reading this, you’d really know what kind of sailor potty mouth I have, and exactly what I think of Fidelity! When we purchased the house, we purchased additional coverage for the roof, washer, dryer and refrigerator. We paid for this coverage OUTSIDE of escrow, it cost us an additional $250 smackaroos. Coverage that they don’t even have freaken half the vendors for in our area! But did they tell me that when they took my freaken money? HELL NO! Will they give me a refund now? HELL NO? Will they give me a cash out on the swamp cooler, not with out having a licensed contractor look at it first, which will only take about 3 weeks – believe me, I’ve called all around town. Will they re-imburse my expenses for my husband and his friend buying parts and spending 2 ½ hours repairing it? NO, why you ask? Because they are not licensed contractors, that’s why! So tomorrow we are going to contact our real estate agent that sold us the house and get her involved, because it’s more than just the swamp cooler, there’s a roof leak and no roofing vendors, and damage to the roof under the swamp cooler that wasn’t exactly disclosed when we purchased the house. The previous owners told us there had been a leak in the swamp cooler and they had fixed it, only because we had noticed the miss-matched paint on the ceiling, but that is in Natalie’s room and no-where near where the swamp cooler is and the external roof damage that was never fixed.
It makes me miss my old house so badly, the carpet and tile we hand picked. The new garage door and opener we installed. The fresh paint and custom baseboards. How I painted half of Natalie’s room all by myself sky blue, and Ruben hung up the railing, and I hand stamped flowers, ladybugs, dragonflies, bees, and grass. How I stencil kokopelli’s in my kitchen, and Ruben replaced the counter all by himself. How I miss all 4 of my brand new delta and moen faucets, and all the new light fixtures. Our brand new 4 ton A/C gas pack unit. We had that house a home almost before we ever moved in…..and we only had a cold slab leak, a few busted sprinkler lines, a dead tree that took us hours to dig up, and 2 good home warranty companies that never gave us a problem with anything we ever called on. And to think I drive by there now, and it’s all gone downhill, the new tree we planted, DEAD, the grass, DEAD. Such a shame they didn’t upkeep our first house with the same love we did.

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Cynthia said...

Glad you're feeling good, but that Fidelity company sounds ridiculous!