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July 16, 2005 – Just when things go good, they go wrong.

I found out last night that my swamp cooler at home isn’t working and we can’t get anyone out to fix it. Not only does that suck because it’s like 97 degrees today in Elko, and our home warranty company cannot get anyone out to fix it till next week. So I tried taking matter into my own hands, for the sake of my husband, who has a torn ligament in his leg, and upon calling around today I find that all of the A/C repair places in Elko are closed on Saturday’s. Yup that’s right all 9 of them, CLOSED, closed till Monday. Isn’t that just freaken great. Here it is the middle of summer, the busiest time of year for them, shouldn’t they like be open or something. I mean it’s nice that I’m not there cause I can’t handle the heat mixed with the chemotherapy agents I’m on, but it’s not like Vegas is any cooler with it’s 113 degree heat, but at least here I can stay inside the nice, cool, air conditioned house of my mother-in-laws.
But this isn’t the only bad thing to happen today, oh yes, there is more, but I’m not sure which one is actually worse – finding out someone’s been using your mouthwash - OR - Finding out that you and your friendship may not be considered by some to be as valuable and time worthy as their hobby of scrapbooking and swapping. When I asked what the deal was, why the time for all the hobbies and none for me? I was told she didn’t feel she needed to explain her choices. So there ya go, it all boils down to choices, She chose to do those things rather than see me. Next time Joanna let me go with my first choice, because NO, I do not feel better. Would YOU feel better knowing that after 7 years PAPER was more important than you?
All I know is that I am ready to go home. When I first got here I was so excited because I thought I would be with all my friends and family, and now and I’m just ready to close the book on this chapter of my life and move on. The sooner I get home the sooner I can start making new friends in my new home, because I’m tired of being depressed and crying and having like no friends to talk to or shoulders to cry on (except for the few friends that have really stuck beside me all along, and you know who you are!) What’s really a shame is this was the weekend I was originally set to leave, and now I am stuck here for another 3 weeks. Today I am not happy.

But on a good note (I guess you could say), someone gave my mom a picture from Barbara's BBQ on 5.25.05 of Natalie sitting on the steps on the pool playing fetch with Melissa's dog Opie. I had really wanted a picture of the two of them, so I am glad someone not only read that post, but got a picture to me. Thank you so much! Oh, and if the picture looks kind of fuzzy or blurry, it's because I do not have a scanner here and had to take a picture of a picture with my digital camera in order to get it on here.

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Christopher Trottier said...

I hope happiness will return to you.