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July 30, 2005 – Tammy & Louise are at it again.

I got another card today from Tammy and Louise. This one is a true testament to the times. It said: “Here’s a helpful technique for managing stress during difficult times: First, get one of those glass sno-domes with a happy little snowman and idyllic, peaceful winter scene…, get a hammer.” They also included the recipe for Holy Water – incase you didn’t know, you just beat the hell out of it = ) Thank you once again Tammy & Louise, I’ll have to remember that for the next time I am stressed, but I’m hoping this is the last time it will ever get to be this bad. Next weekend I hope to return home, pending my MRI on Monday of course – which I keep telling everyone is when we will truly find out just how blonde I really am.

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How was your MRI?