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June 13, 2005 - I'm free, I'm free!

Not only am I without husband, I am also without child! I dropped Nat off this afternoon before my doctor’s appointment to spend a whole week over at gramma and grampa’s house. This couldn’t have come at a better time because I really needed a break. I’ve been so stressed from all this crap lately I’m starting to break out again with acne. But anyway I saw the therapist today for my lymphedema. She massaged my arm, both manually and with this sleeve that pumps full of air. She’s going to see if she can’t get my doctor to write an RX for the sleeve/pump and have my insurance pay for it. This time it wasn’t just my upper arm that was swollen; my wrist had gotten bigger too. Now that Nat’s not at home, I can spend some time without my prosthetic on and see if that helps any with the swelling. Sometimes it is very difficult trying to constantly hide it from a 5 year old!

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