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March 30, 2005 - The Vagina Whisperer & a Clean House!

I picked up the name vagina whisperer from another person's blog, and I thought it was too funny. So on this day here I am off to have my post-op follow-up with my OB/GYN doctor for the hysterectomy I had on 2/24/05. It was a little early (I think she wanted to see me in 6 weeks), but I told her I was temporarily moving to Vegas for Chemotheraphy. She checked me out and gave me the thumbs up. Said everything looks great. No more yearly paps for me, YAY! But because of the breast cancer she can’t prescribe me hormones for menopause, so she gave me a blood pressure patch that has been shown to decrease hot flashes. It’s worth a try! Also, today I got a nice little surprise in the mail from some old co-worker friends in Reno. They sent me a nice card, some gift certificates to have the house cleaned NOT ONCE BUT TWICE, and a beautiful breast cancer bracelet. Thanks Tina, Gail, Tracie, & Claudia. It melted my heart to know everyone cared so much, and it was a much needed going away to Vegas present – now my hubby can KEEP the house clean!

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