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I feel old.

I woke up this morning in the worst pain. My knees hurt badly - forget about trying to bend them. My feet which hurt on a daily basis, hurt even worse today. It's like my feet are really cramped up, or like maybe I've worn heels all my life, although I haven't. Even the muscles in my calves hurt. You'd think I've been running a marathon or something, but the fact is that I didn't do anything other than go to Wal-mart. We needed some groceries, which Ruben could have gotten after work, but I just feel so bad for the poor guy. He works such a long day, has such a time consuming drive, often does errands along the way, then he arrives home, eats, and barely has any time to relax or do anything around the house. So in any case, I took it upon myself yesterday to go to Wal-mart. Aside from groceries, we needed some more gauze, tape, and bandages - and of course, since it finally released, I just HAD to buy Grey's Anatomy Season 3, because you know that I couldn't seriously wait any longer to get it (I am actually watching it right now - I seriously can't wait for the new season to begin on the 27th!!) The shopping trip ended up being a 2 1/2 hour ordeal, which nearly filled 2 carts. So it's no wonder that I hurt, it's just surprising that it's my legs that hurt and not my back. I also realized yesterday why it is that I shouldn't be driving. I can't turn all that well to look over my shoulder to back-up - not to mention that the seat belt is also ridiculously uncomfortable. But none of the is going to stop me come Friday when it comes time for my hair appointment. Speaking of which, I am having a real conflict here with decisions. You see, my curly hair is all f'd up. I tried to straighten it a few months ago, and all that did was screw up the nice curly spirals I had. It's too damn humid here for me to dry my hair straight like I did in the past. Ruben likes the curls, which are high maintenance, (like straight hair isn't? It's such a pain in the ass to blow dry!) he also is quite fond of long hair - but I've never really worn my hair curly and all down. I hate the curls, and I have such thick hair that makes me so effen hot! So I was seriously thinking of going short cause I'm tired of daily pony-tails and not being able to do anything with my hair - but Ruben is so against the thought, and ends each discussion by telling me to just do whatever I want. Well that really doesn't help me decide, so I am seriously confused about what to do on Friday. Either way it should be interesting to say the least!

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