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Back to school, Back to work.

The house is nice and quiet this morning now that the holiday weekend is over. This is just the way I like it - especially after a weekend of kid(s) coming and going, and getting next to no sleep last night despite the Lunesta my doctor prescribed me. I've been a long time sufferer of insomnia, and have even tried several different types of sleep aids - both rx and otc. None of which that really helped me any. It seems this 2nd go around with Lunesta was going strong for 2 weeks. Then suddenly the sleep train came to a screeching halt last night. I cannot fathom the thought that my body is so caught up on sleep that it can't sleep anymore. I mean hell, I'm still healing here, I need all the rest I can get in order to heal properly. Which I might add on that note, my wound is looking rather well, and draining quite a bit less fluids - however, the size of the hole seems to be getting smaller, so I worry my hopes of getting my doctor to agree to insert an expander now while I have the open wound will diminish, as his capacity to put one in under the muscle tissue will be difficult to do given the size of my wound. In any case I will know more tomorrow when I go see him. Of course I will be drugged up as always, so I'm not to feel any pain - but my husband and I have talked about several different things that we would either like to be done and get answers on, so he'll be talking with the staff. Wish me luck cause we are both tired of having to pack this wound with gauze!

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