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More gluing, plus a little cutting

I finally got around to taking pictures of the latest album I've "put" together. Laying in bed, watching TV, and gluing page elements to paper is such tedious work - NOT! I will be so glad when I'm able to actually to do more. I'm growing quite bored, only problem is that once I am cleared, I will have to do things like cook and clean again - UGH! Really I'm not complaining about having to take it easy. Whenever I breathe in hard my chest hurts, plus when Ruben was packing my wound early he saw fresh blood - but he also said that it really looks like the wound is closing up on the inside. We're going to see how this weekend goes before calling the doctor. The pain has been there pretty much during this whole time. I mean damn, I have a hole in my chest, of course it hurts if I take a really deep breathe, my lungs are full and pushing on my chest. Plus the blood on the inside of the hole isn't really a bad things until blood is soaking the bandages, and so far they are coming out the usual color. So anyway, here's the latest project I completed.

I decided I would finally take pictures of it since I was using the camera today. Today was my appointment at the salon. I was still totally conflicted upon my arrival. Ruben loves long hair, but I just couldn't find a style to work with this humidity. I can't stand the back of my neck soaked from sweaty hair. So I cut it all off. Needless to say he is not pleased with me at the moment - but he'll get over it, it's just hair. I went WAY short in back, but still left some length in the front. At first I left it longer cause the hairdresser just wasn't cutting it quite right. I so miss Hope, my old hairdresser in Vegas! She always knew what to do with my hair and styled it right every time. But after my hair was blow dried. I decided I really kinda liked it. Let's just hope I don't start having problems with the front of my hair making me hot! I really wish I could do something about the texture and thickness of my hair. I just really wish that it would be willing to work with the humidity down here. I really miss the "dryness" of Vegas! Anyway, here's my new cut. What do ya think?

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Valerie said...

i'm loving it! it so brings out your eyes!