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All Things Relative......

So I'm up this morning - not cause I want to be, but because I have to get Natalie ready for school.....but she's sick, in fact too sick. So she's home in bed instead, which is where I'm thinking about going, but I have a doctor appointment today - so maybe just a short nap.
Anyway, this morning the hubby's up and watching The Weather Channel - it's a normal morning ritual. Gotta watch out for those hurricanes living in The Big Easy. So he tells me that we need to go to Texas. I'm thinking oh shit hurricane. And he says they have a Navarro County there - freaked my ass out for nothing. So I'm standing there talking to him and I look over at the TV cause they were talking Tornado Watches, it just so happened Navarro County is where the watch is. I said so you want to go where the tornado is, being all sarcastic. Then I noticed on the map some of the towns around the tornado watch. One being Mexia. So I asked him, so you know what's in Navarro County. Of course he doesn't, so I said Mexia, TX. He's like okay, what the hell is that. So I told him that Mexia, TX is where Anna Nicole came from. Now he's like you're some crazed, obsessed fan. I said I am not, it's just one of those stupid little facts you pick up. So he's all teasing me, you want to be just like Anna, and I said no, I just want to know who killed her.
I don't know why this shit fascinates me, but it does. I've always loved Hollywood gossip. I think it mostly came from my mom. Growing up she would always buy crap like Star, Us, In Touch. It just so happens that I inherited that gene from her. Now I buy all that crap too, and my husband hates it! I have subscriptions to OK and Us, to try to suffice my habit, but I usually end up buying the others at the store if the cover entices me. So here it is, I can't help it. I am just like my mom, okay. There I said it. I'm not ashamed of it. It's just there was a lot of shit that went along with my mom - she was overly picky, dictating in the way that she ruled the kingdom (my hubby is still having problems dealing with his castration, but he's slowly been getting there to that "Yes Dear" phase), she had a box full of meds, she loved jewelry, and the ability to be a total bitch - she could bitch about anything being wrong and get her money back, get things for free, or get something better. She was not one to be fucked with - oh, and my mom also always got her way. There is so much I have inherited from her, all these fine traits I've mentioned (LOL). The only downside is that I didn't think at 33 I would become my mom, as she was 60. But here I am. I used to hate it when Ruben teased me about becoming my mother. He would call me Linda Jr., but now I embrace the fact that I am just like her. I think it has made me a stronger person, even if I am infatuated with celeb news. :0p

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