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We stayed, while the storm went.

By time Ruben arrived home from work Friday, he announced that there wasn't much of a reason to head inland. New tracking of TD Ten from Weather Underground had the storm running into the Alabama and Mississippi coast lines, then eventually hitting us with some wind and rain. The estimated winds calmed down and are expected to be 39 MPH or less. Thank goodness the storm dissipated! So far we've just experienced a mostly cloudy, slightly misty Saturday, with little wind. Who knows what today will actually hold in store for us.
All I know is right now it is little past 1am and I cannot sleep - even after a Lunesta sleep aid AND Tylenol PM. We did a bit of shopping, which really wore me out and made every bone in my body ache - but apparently it wasn't enough to make me as tired as I thought it would, otherwise I would be asleep and not here! Anyhow....We decided that since we rarely go out on the weekends, or go out to eat for that matter, that we would go to Houma and eat a late lunch/early supper at Copeland's. Man that place has awesome food. Even better than that is their dessert collection. Mmmm. Also for the first time in almost forever, I had a drink with my meal. I had a Lemon Drop Martini - oh it was so yummy! After eating, Ruben dropped me off at Michael's, while they all went to Best Buy. I found some scrap stuff on sale to buy, and also got these pails and foam kits to make a pumpkin pail, a Frankenstein pail, and a pirate skull pail. They'll be fun projects for Natalie to do. I'll tell you though, that place was total chaos due to all the Halloween decorations being on sale. Kinda wish that I had purchased some. Instead I thought I would find something at Hobby Lobby, as much as I soooo love that place - not just for the scrapbooking supply they carry, but for all the household decorations they carry that Michael's does not. But once there I could not find the Halloween decorations I had wanted, and theirs were not on sale - so I ended up leaving empty handle. Can you believe that? I went into a craft store and didn't purchase a single scrapbooking item! I had to walk next door to find the Ruben and everyone at Academy Sports. They were looking at shoes for some reason. Ruben hates craft stores, so he makes it a point to try to stay as far away from them as he can! LOL! After that we headed back home and hit the local Wal-Mart hoping to find some kind of decorations or costume ideas - but no such luck! I think we'll have to hit up a Party City or one of those Halloween Stores that usually pop up around this time of year. While we were there though, we went ahead and picked up some fresh grocery items, and proceeded to get in the slowest moving line! By time we hit home my feet, ankles, legs, hip, and back hurt so bad, I could barely move once I sat down. Since today is Sunday, that means Ruben will be glued to the TV to watch all the football games. Man I hate football. And if Sunday football wasn't bad enough, he'll even be watching it on Monday - but I can't blame him for that one. I may actually watch some too. Monday is the Saints 1st opener in New Orleans this season, so it's going to be BIG. But thinking of Monday gets me sooooo excited!!!! It's pretty much the start of the fall television season. Which means that Thursday is Grey's Anatomy! Yippee!!! I so seriously cannot wait! I hope George & Izzie end up together one way or another - but that might be horrific now since Callie will be Izzie's boss. Oh the drama, the scandal! The fall season has just barely kicked off and I've already found 2 new shows to watch, that surely will be favorites; K-Ville and Gossip Girl. The first episodes were so good. I hope they are successful and don't wind up getting canceled or anything! Good TV can be so hard to find sometime, but none more than in the off-season!
Ok, well it's a little after 2am now, so I think maybe I should go back to bed and try sleeping again. Wish me luck!

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